The Key

One day while out walking I discovered a key
Hidden away, beneath a tree
With teeth of pure gold and a heart for a handle
Which flickered with light like the flame from a candle

And The Key spoke to me in the language of dreams
Of love everlasting, and more it would seem
It whispered of romance and passionate things
Of a Queen on her throne still seeking her King

For years I roamed with The Key in my hand
Across oceans and seas, and through foreign lands
Looking for something I could not see
But feeling there was somewhere I needed to be

And then, by chance, a flower I saw
Who’s encompassing beauty left me wanting for more
I looked at The Key and I looked at her heart
And I felt something dynamic was waiting to start

Now my fingers tremble as I turn on the lock
Listening to each tumbler fall into its block
Is she the owner of the heart I seek
The dreamed about lover to make me complete.