Deep Blue Two

My fate with you I thought was cast,
Bound with a love that would always last,
But I was living a lie, I could not see,
How foolish to think our love could be,
And now you're gone, gone faraway,
Leaving me with so much I wish I could say.
Now darkness rules my once sweet heart,
The love once there now forced to depart,
Life is joy no more, replaced with pain,
The skies are grey, it pours with rain.
No reason to live, so I stay in bed,
Devoid of love, I might as well be dead,
An empty husk in an empty place,
See the lonely tears stream down my face.
I ponder on things that might have been,
The joys of life we might have seen,
Eventually a marriage to be celebrated,
And possibly a new life we both have created.
But the fantasies drift and crumble to dust,
And I feel that destiny has been so unjust,
To fill me with love and hope for the future,
Then chop it away like a spiritual butcher.
Now I face life alone, a life without you,
An emotional wreck in need of rescue,
I call out for help but you don't seem to hear,
In the corner of your eye a glistening tear,
You feel my pain, my total despair,
And I know deep down you really do care,
But I can't have your heart, it's not mine to hold,
But my love for you girl will never grow cold.