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This month our intrepid explorer travels to the Orient in search of the ultimate photograph, good food and good beer. First stop, Beijing (formerly Peking), calling at the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Imperial Palaces, next stop, Hong Kong, calling at Hong Kong harbour and hills (for that essential 'city after dark' shot), next stop, Shenzhen a very modern (fifteen years old) Chinese city, I'm not sure what's there so it's the surprise part of the trip, back to Hong Kong to fly out to London Heathrow (useless trivia - London Heathrow is the world's busiest international airport with a flight arriving or departing every two minutes) and home.

My e-mail account will be active while I'm away, my computer is set up to download mail twice a day so feel free to drop me a line.

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I would like to ask every-one to keep ICQ messages to a minimum for the duration, for those who don't know, here in the U.K. we don't have free local phone calls, we have to pay for every second and I'd rather not be using that time being bombarded by thousands of old ICQ messages, especially chain messages, if it's important could you e-mail me instead.

Chain Messages

Just some words to the few who forward chain messages such as the virus warnings, warnings that'll I'll lose my account if I don't forward or go to a certain site, I'm your friend and forward for good luck and all the rest of the junk that appears, well, it's getting to epidemic proportions, I'm getting a little fed up of wading through ten or so messages every evening, so, for every-one's information........virus warnings - I have a very effective virus scanner\killer thank-you very much, besides if there were a virus with ICQ programs, I doubt the folks at Mirabilis would rely on a forwarded message to let us know........loss of account warnings - I've had my account nearly two years, I've never forwarded a message, never been to a site I've been warned to go to, I was even offline for six months not even having access to ICQ, and guess what, I still have my account........I'm your friend and good luck messages - well, I'm touched that you send me these messages, but we're on each other's list because I assume we like talking, so I don't need a forwarded message telling me you like me, I know that already (especially a tacky message originally written by some-one who obviously has no life and nothing better to do), as for good luck, well I delete them all and I'm still alive, nothing has happened to me so I guess I must have a reserve of luck, I don't need any more.

For those of you who feel this need to forward messages I have a couple of solutions, one, resist the urge, go get some therapy, go shopping, watch TV, anything, just don't forward them, two, if you still have an overwhelming urge, go to the Mirabilis page at have a good read, hopefully that should calm your desire, after that, if you still insist on forwarding messages to me, you'll get two warnings, then...............................better watch out :-)

The bottom line is if you get a forwarded message, delete it, if you're unsure check it out, if it's telling you to go to a site, go there and see, after a while you'll get so fed up you'll delete them as a matter of course......just use common sense and every-one will be happy, especially me :-)

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